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Works with: 27.09.2018
Users: 54641
Investors: 53219
Users online 894
Deposits: 357932400 $
Paid: 252988945 $
New user [ OMILINXAS ]
New deposit 3500.00 $ [ raven ]
New payout 950.00 $ [ mogo ]


11.12.2018 | Reviews

Dear users / partners of, we ask you to leave your feedback and comments on our website. Since, your opinion is very important to us. Regards airbitclub!...

11.12.2018 | Massive marketing

For titans of marketing in AirBitClub there are special privileges:  If you open representation / office in your country / city  and connect more than 100 partners, you get a rank - "TITAN of MARKETING" , an increase in the individual referral percentage of the first level to 30% , a one-time bonus to the account from 1000 to 100000 dollars (for every 100 partners depending on the amount of deposits opened by them). ...

09.12.2018 | Marketing

 Dear partners, we appreciate you and your efforts in promoting our common business. And therefore, we have developed a reward system for the most active partners who promote our business.  Our promotion reward system: 1.Marketologist: (upon receipt of this rank) you will receive an increase in referral percentage, which is 20% of the 1st level (% of the following referral levels remain unchanged). 2. Master-marketer: (upon receipt of this rank) you get an increase in referral percen...

27.11.2018 | R E V O L U C O U N O U S E R E M E N S In AirBit

                     Dear partners, we are reporting to you one more important news. !     As you have already noticed, the interface of our site has been significantly modified. These changes were made in order to increase the productivity of the site and its convenience. convenience for our partners to ensure comfortable cooperation and productivity in business.     Regards, team AirBitClub !!!...

27.11.2018 | Revolution AirBitClub

Commission 5% New package TEST for testing the operation of a new control system Input / output instantly Improved referral program: Level 1 (15%), Level 2 (3%), Level 3 (2%), Level 4 (1%) The work of the new control system is carried out only in Bitcoin ...

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