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Works with: 27.09.2018
Users: 54641
Investors: 53219
Users online 894
Deposits: 357932400 $
Paid: 252988945 $
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About us


AirBit Club – This is the first decentralized system uniting four different industries: cryptocurrency, trade, the Partners Club and marketing networks. Together, these industries provide the strength of a multi-functional trading platform that is connected to more than 10 international monetary funds worldwide, selling cryptocurrency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Associated with this constant growth and based on this union, our intention is to generate cryptocurrencies for all partners. This is done using a unique automated algorithm, which we called Blockchain Distributed Technology and Affiliate Program.

Based on the existing cryptocurrency pool and increasing them by selling contract fees, we can buy and sell large amounts of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum in international exchange funds and at the same time sell them when their price falls. Thus, if there is a profit, up to 50% of them will be distributed equally among all members of the Club through our rewards plan.

How it works?


Simply join the Club by purchasing any of the available contract packages, and from now on you can take advantage of our unique reward system.

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AirBit Club It has more than 2.5 million partners now. Do not lag behind, take a step forward to your financial freedom.


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AirBit Club was established with the aim of spreading reliable information about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, about their origin, advantages; in order to teach people how to use the new cryptocurrency, talk about ways to open a wallet, commercialize and use software, and also provide an opportunity to receive a reward for an invitation.

We called our system Blockchain Distributed Technology and Affiliate Program, it is based on an algorithm that distributes referral payments true to all members.



Provide advanced technology using innovative tools to maximize commercial potential and, thus, increase the spread of cryptocurrency to all our partners Increase the number of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum users and increase the number of transactions between them.

AirBit Club intends to become a source of digital information and education services for people all over the world. More use and wider adoption of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash will lead to an increase in demand for them.

The vision of AirBit Club is to use digital currency for all people in the world through education and training in various uses. Less than 1% of the world's population currently uses cryptocurrency, and our goal is to increase this number in subsequent years.